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RPC Manufacturing Solutions specializes in electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and assembly. Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, we bring you decades of experience:

RPC’s electronics manufacturers handle the complexities of raw materials procurement, assembly, testing, and packaging as well as the logistics of order fulfillment. As an electronics manufacturer, we will ease your supply chain stresses and trust in our electronics industry professionals. Whatever your manufacturing challenges, we can solve them.

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Benefits of working with RPC



Completing your most complex projects with ease.

Our core competency is assembling wire circuits into custom cables to interconnect your devices, wire harnesses to install into your machine or device, and completely wired control circuits to control your device or machine. We do millions of wire crimps and solder connections each year. As an electronics manufacturer, we have the special tools and equipment to do the job right. What seems like a complex circuit assembly to many electronic manufacturing services providers is routine for our experienced team. Whether you need a simple ground lead or a complex control box assembled, you can count on us to get the job done professionally. We can also assist you in the design of your circuit assemblies. If you need UL certification or certificates of compliance, we make it easy.



Always the highest quality; always on time.

When choosing the right electronic components, choose quality with the trusted electronics manufacturer, RPC. We use IPC/WHMA-A-620 as our assembler training guide and as our operations standard to ensure your assemblies meet industry standards. We follow this standard with ISO compliant procedures and documentation. If you require a higher standard—such as NASA’s 8739—just let us know. We can usually certify our compliance with any standard you need for your industry. We are very proud of our on-time performance: You have a production schedule and we are very conscientious about meeting it—without the expense of overnight shipment. Need an emergency shipment? RPC electronics manufacturer go the extra mile to make it happen.


Our cost effective solutions save you money.   From first prototype through your largest production run, whether sourcing raw materials or needing assurance of an on-time delivery, RPC, electronics manufacturing company builds efficiencies, cuts your costs, and increases your capacity—all without sacrificing highest quality. As your business grows, we help you evolve from hand crafted to semi-automated and fully-automated processes, assuring that you get excellent pricing at every stage: small, medium, or large production runs.

We can solve your manufacturing challenges.

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Industries we serve

Our top clients represent these and many other fields

Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace Electronics Manufacturing Some of NASA’s largest contractors trust RPC’s experience with:

  • Ground support cables and wire harnesses
  • Ground support test devices built to spec
  • Breakout boxes to exercise satellite components

Aerospace Electronics

Medical Equipment
Medical Electronics Manufacturing Company Does any other industry have more stringent regulations than those of the FDA? RPC’s own strict quality standards assure you of full compliance. Every assembly we produce meets or exceeds the requirements of our fast-growing list of satisfied customers in the field of medical technology. Find out more about our electronic manufacturing service for the medical industry and medical device components.
PCB Assembly Farming and ranching today is a sophisticated business: from GPS-controlled harvesting and tilling equipment to precision computerized facilities controls. Whether you need custom cable-builds, control boxes, or tractor-cab dash panels, RPC provides solutions built to withstand severe weather, harsh chemicals, and the toughest tests in the field.
High-Tech Electronics Manufacturing Contractor RPC’s expertise in box builds, custom cables, and wire harnesses serves OEM clients and other manufacturers of high-tech equipment such as:

  • RFID monitoring equipment, cables, and antennas
  • GPS systems
  • Monitoring devices
Electrical Equipment
PCB Assembly Services Manufacturers of electrical machinery and equipment depend on RPC for small or large quantities of wire harnesses, external interface cables, power cables, and complete control box assemblies. You’ll find our work in car wash equipment, air purifiers, check-verification devices, CNC machine tools, and many other demanding installations.
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy industry RPC’s home state of Colorado is an incubator of renewable energy initiatives, providing us with many satisfied clients in the green and sustainable-energy sphere. Our clients benefit from controls, sensors, and other circuit assemblies produced to comply, if needed, with RoHS and your own exacting standards.
Civil & Homeland Security
Civil and homeland security

  • Hydroelectric and nuclear power projects
  • Water treatment facility control panels
  • Railway engine cables and control panels
  • Remote sensing devices with solar power
  • RF devices or antenna cables
  • Municipal traffic control boxes
Telecom & Wireless
Telecom industry From simple patch cords to solar-powered municipal Wi-Fi hubs, RPC is a reliable source for the telecom industry. If you need standard cables, you’ll receive competitive pricing thanks to our relationships with top suppliers. If you need custom work, our experienced team can assemble devices to any specification or kit complete installations.
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At RPC, we have decades of experience building products for virtually every application. Request a free quote today to learn how we can save you money, improve your workflow, and take your product quality and reliability to the next level.
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What our customers are saying

Unbelievably good pricing for some very complex assemblies.
Aerospace contractor (Western U.S.)

A very economical and competent solution to our contract manufacturing needs.
Medical equipment manufacturer (Colorado)

RPC has the proper tools, the automated equipment, and the experienced team we were seeking. On the most complicated assemblies, we trust them to do the job right.
High-tech device manufacturer (Boulder)

Easy to work with and very helpful in finding practical solutions for us.
Telecom company (Denver)

It seems RPC can always find the best priced parts for us without compromising quality. They consistently fulfill our PCB kit orders with flawless accuracy and quality parts.
Medical equipment manufacturer (Midwestern U.S.)

We were pressured to finish a large contract on-time but a key part was two months late. RPC got going on our complex panel assemblies and saved our reputation on a very important contract. P.S.: Despite the rush our panels were assembled accurately and beautifully.
Heavy equipment manufacturer (Midwestern U.S.)