A wire harness, also commonly referred to as a wiring harness, is an exterior sheath used to cover some types of electronic wires. Generally, wiring harnesses are made of thermoplastic or thermoset materials that can help protect the cables from the environment. It is a low-cost, simple method for technicians to keep wires organized, protected, and easy to navigate. Although most wires come with their own exterior sleeves, those sleeves seldom are thick enough to protect the wires from dust, debris, and moisture. The thicker the wire is, the more risk there is of it sustaining damage due to a burned fuse.

The term “wire harness” is often used interchangeably with the term “cable assembly.” However, these are actually two different products. While both are exterior sheaths used to protect wires or cables, the cable assembly is made of a more durable material and is created to offer a higher level of protection in the most extreme conditions. Wiring harnesses and cable assemblies each have a distinct purpose in the electrical field. Selecting the right one is based on the application needed and is an important part of the success of your product. Ensuring that you have experienced, and informed members of your team helps ensure that you are using the correct components for your project.

Why are Wire Harnesses Important?

A wiring harness is crucial for the protection of your electronics. Some of the main functions they serve include:

  • Helping to increase the lifespan of your electronic device by protecting it from compromised wires and heat damage.
  • It serves as a backbone when connecting digital components to each other or to other components.
  • Improving airflow within the chassis.
  • Protecting technicians from electric shock.
  • Providing a more organized work environment.
  • Reducing damage to your electronics from dust and debris.

What is the Value of a Custom or Quality Wire Harness?

The value of wiring harness varies as they are used in a number of applications. Because of this, the harness is not a one-size-fits all proposition. Instead, the wire harness should be customized according to the size of the space that the wires are going to fit into, also taking into consideration the weight of the wires themselves. Although wire harnesses are designed to be a low-cost solution to providing organization for technicians and protection for technicians and equipment, they also should be high quality to ensure the most impact.

Why Choose RPC Manufacturing?

RPC is an electronic manufacturing company dedicated to providing custom and high quality manufacturing. We are able to complete jobs with unique and specific requirements. We have over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies that are made-to-order in accordance with the customer’s specific needs. Whatever the length of your wire or cable, whatever combination of terminals or conductors you’re intending to use, and whatever your price point, let us put our experience to work and find a cost-effective solution that is right for you.