With the COVID-19 pandemic reshaping every aspect of our lives, it is important to take a moment to reflect on the situation in which we find ourselves during this difficult time. We at RPC Manufacturing Solutions want to honor those who have gone to battle on the front lines of this disease – the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, medical researchers, and so many others who are working every day to bring us through this pandemic.

At RPC, we take our job very seriously. As an essential business that assembles electronics that are necessary for many technologies that make modern life possible, we quickly adjusted and made the changes necessary to keep our employees safe and our products moving, without closing for a single day during this pandemic. In addition to implementing rigorous daily disinfection routines and frequent cleaning in shared spaces, our team members wear masks and socially distance whenever they are working in proximity to others.

Amongst all the turmoil, we want to reassure our clients that we remain open and eager to support your business with great electronic manufacturing solutions.

Through all the world’s challenges, we at RPC are pressing forward. As an electronic manufacturing essential business, our operations would not be possible without a dedicated and capable team handling the creation and assembly of the wiring harnesses, printed circuit board assemblies, and box builds that sit at the heart of so many modern innovations.

For over a decade, our clients have counted on RPC to be a reliable solutions-provider for electronics manufacturing and assembly, and the pandemic has not changed that. We are proud to contribute to the success of our clients with the consistency, expertise, and quality that you have come to expect from our team.

Have questions about our services or our manufacturing solutions during COVID-19? Please call us today at 1-303-417-1500. We are here to help you.