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Wiring Components If your goal is to make your assembly process more efficient, we can help by preparing your wiring components for quick, easy assembly. For example, if your device needs five cooling fans, we could modify the mounting holes, install them on a fan tray, lengthen/shorten all the wires as required, connect all the wires into one connector or custom cable assembly, test the unit, and ship it to you on time. Your installation time goes down dramatically since your assembly team just needs to snap the fan tray into place and plug in the connector. Even if you already have your own manufacturing facility, you can benefit substantially from outsourcing the component modification portion of your production: RU logo
  • We provide you with components that install quickly and easily inside your machine/device.
  • Our wiring components and wire harnesses connectors are UL recognized.
  • We can produce RoHS compliant assemblies.
  • We fully test all units to your precise specifications.
Operations managers love RPC. We make your life easier!
  • No need to recruit, train, supervise, or pay your own skilled solder techs and assemblers.
  • We build everything exactly to your specifications.
  • As you make engineering changes, we adapt quickly.
  • No need to manage all the component parts: You can order the complete assembly from us.
  • We improve your cash flow by owning the components and finished product inventory.
  • We meet your delivery schedule.
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