Solutions for Startups

When RPC handles your manufacturing/assembly, you're free to launch your enterprise with confidence.

Wouldn’t you prefer to focus on the strategic issues that need you most? New product development, sales, marketing, not to mention financing your new venture—these are where most startups should be spending most of their time, energy, and talents. RPC specializes in comprehensive contract manufacturing which may just be the ideal solution for new ventures facing:

  • Prototype production requirements
  • Initial production runs
  • Revisions to designs
  • Raw material sourcing and financing
  • Inventory management and warehousing
  • Factory staff recruiting, training, and supervision

At RPC, we handle all of the above to build your product exactly to your specifications. Our top-quality standards and excellent on-time delivery mean you can trust implicitly in the manufacturing and assembly stage of your business plan. We’ve got your back so you can move your new business forward! Contact us today to learn how RPC can give you that competitive edge.

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