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Wire harnesses • Electronic cables • Communications cables • Custom cable assemblies for any function
Wire Harness Manufacturers We serve the role as wire harness manufacturers and specialize in just that, wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies of any type, produced to our customers’ precise specifications. Why invest in hiring expensive craftsmen and buying all the specialized equipment required to manufacture quality cables? With RPC, you gain the reliable quality and attention to detail at a reasonable cost. This is what has made us an industry leader in wiring harnesses for more than two decades. Wire Harness ManufacturersWire Harness Manufacturers are equipped to meet your needs for custom wire and cable assemblies in any length with any wire or cable using any combination of terminals and connectors, or any other wiring components. Our wire harness manufacturers are registered to provide UL Recognized Component Wiring Harnesses. Equipment and capabilities – Our array of equipment automates key stages of the cable assembly process, yielding better quality, consistency, and cost-efficiency:
  • Komax Gamma 311 and Artos CS-33 — fully automated machines for wire cut-strip-crimp
  • Schleuniger wire processor
  • Schleuniger automated COAX stripper
  • Schleuniger and Artos automated cable jacket strippers
  • Schleuniger automated wire mini-strippers
  • Molex, Tyco/Amp, Panduit and Hoffman presses for fully insulated terminals and wire ferrules
  • Automatic termination presses and applicators for: Tyco/AMP, Molex, Deutsch, JST, Power Lugs and most other terminal brands
  • Flat ribbon processing equipment
  • Soldering/de-soldering equipment
  • Full assortment of terminal crimping hand tools
  • … and much, much more!
Cable categories
  • Telecom — DS0, DS1, DS3, DS4, patch cords, shielded and unshielded twisted pairs, fiber, coax, plenum
  • Datacom — Cat5E, Cat6, coax, twisted pair, plenum, patch cords
  • AnyCom — We can manufacture cabling or wire harnesses for any function: power, communication, indication, anything you need!
  • Connectors — Dsub, RF coax, IDC, V.35, micro, power, modular, FFC, automotive, industrial, power and data receptacles, etc.
Connectors – As wire harness manufacturers, we can assemble any connector or header to wires, cables, or boards. We manufacture and distribute a wide assortment of custom cable assemblies, harnesses and hook-up wire:
  • Telecom/datacom
  • Coax cables
  • Flat ribbon cables
  • Twisted pair
  • Power cords
  • Discrete wire processing
  • Multi-conductor cable
  • Any custom cable
Crimping – We are also equipped to crimp most connectors including: Molex, Deutsch, AMP, JST, Hirose, FCI/Berg, FCI/Burndy, 3M, Panduit, and others. Contact us for a quote on the custom cables or wiring harnesses you need today.  Our wire harness manufacturers will be happy to assist you with custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses and more.

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Examples of our Wire Harnesses and Custom Cable Assemblies