Benefits of Manufacturing Kitting Solutions

A manufacturing kitting solution is a collection of related parts and materials which are grouped together to create a more seamless assembly process.

Kitting is the practice of producing solutions that can be thought of as a precursor to the main task, such as rinsing a plate prior to placing it in the dishwasher, or discussing medical history with a staff nurse prior to meeting with a physician. Although it cannot substitute for the later, it includes essential steps in the process which it can make them far more efficient.

Just as rinsing a plate can save you from having to wash it a second time, and discussing your conditions with a nurse can speed up your appointment with the doctor, utilizing manufacturing kitting solutions can greatly improve the speed and efficiency at which you produce your items.

6 Benefits of Manufacturing Kitting Solutions

Manufacturing kitting solutions can fundamentally impact a business in a number of ways, providing a competitive edge that would have otherwise been impossible. Custom kitting solutions in particular can be a great option for companies to get ahead without loss of productivity or added expense. Some of the biggest opportunities and advantages of manufacturing kitting solutions include:

  • Increasing usable space — with less floor space dedicated to housing inventory, businesses can put more square footage to practical use; this often leads to greater productivity in general as some businesses find they are even able to open additional assembly lines.
  • Boosting productivity — kitting solutions can allow businesses to begin the manufacturing process before the materials ever reach their facility, so workers already have a leg up by the time they receive their products. This makes workers’ jobs easier and allows them to become more efficient at their designated roles.
  • Reducing overhead and labor costs — when less time is dedicated to sorting and organization, businesses won’t have to dedicate funds or people to those efforts, and they may even be able to cut out some of the expense of warehousing extra materials.
  • Cutting down on excess inventory — kitting solutions can be shipped as they are needed, so there’s no need for companies to stockpile products in advance particularly with custom solutions. When a business is not dedicating capital to constantly ensuring it has inventory, it can enjoy better profit margins.
  • Streamlining the manufacturing process — when workers receive kits, they are already several steps into their process, so their entire workflow can unfold more seamlessly. Using manufacturing kitting solutions is like beginning a race a quarter of the way through—without the extra steps, everything runs more smoothly.
  • Expediting order fulfillment — simply assembling and shipping kits is an easy way to stay on top of rushed orders. When workers are not responsible for gathering and organizing materials, it’s much easier to guarantee speedy results, and faster order fulfillment is the surest way to appease clients.

All of these benefits hinge on the experience of a reputable partner in the industry, so it’s vital that businesses choose to work with partners who have a track record of success in providing high-quality, custom solutions.

Whether you are a custom electrical manufacturer that sells direct to consumers or you operate in a high-stakes B2B industry such as aerospace, the need for efficiency is equally acute, and there is no margin for error in terms of quality or timeline. Manufacturing kitting solutions can greatly enhance operations at all plants, regardless of the specific niche that a company operates within, so you can enjoy greater efficiency, higher quality work, and decreased overhead.

RPC Manufacturing has years of experience crafting custom solutions across a wide range of industries; we have built our reputation by treating our customers’ success with equal importance as our own.

To see how manufacturing kitting solutions from RPC Manufacturing can enhance your business, contact us for a quote today.

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