Electronics Manufacturing in Colorado

Our lives are filled with a variety of electronics.  From toys and games to the components that make up our computers, appliances, and utility boxes, electronic manufacturing stretches across industries, even within your house.  Outside of the home, the implementation of electronics fabrication is even more far-reaching.  From high-test voltage transformers and boxes on poles outside your home to other industrial applications, these devices are ubiquitous and found everywhere.  

Since the 1940s, Colorado has been a haven for aerospace, defense, and other technical industries.  What many people may not realize is that many of these components are not made overseas, but actually fabricated locally here in Colorado.  Made to order, and fabricated in-house by engineers working with your specifications and requirements to get the job done right.

From advanced circuitry to fabrication of metal component boxes and housings, RPC Manufacturing has the know-how and over 15 years of experience to help you create and excel in your next project from start to finish.

The RPC Manufacturing Difference

RPC Manufacturing being centrally located in Colorado makes them an ideal fit for technical projects with their decades of experience. We can handle the entire spectrum of the project, including raw materials procurement, electronics assembly, testing, and packaging as well as the logistics of order fulfillment.  We can begin with plans sketched out in the beginning stages to prototype creation and testing, to even mass production with our one-stop fabrication facility.

Our engineers implement Computer Aided Drafting and design to putting your ideas into action from start to finish.  Circuit boards, wiring harnesses, project boxes, and component systems can all be built at our facility.  Using a variety of metals, plastics, and other materials, your choices at designing and building your next project are only limited by your imagination, as well as the physical characteristics of the materials you are using.  

Industries we serve

  • Aerospace: Serving the aerospace industry, we have the capability of building everything from group support cables and wiring harness to satellite components and hardened electronics.
  • Agriculture: Farming and agriculture have entered the 21st century, and RPC has been right along with them.  GPS, control boxes, and solutions built to endure harsh conditions and remote functionality are just some of the ways we fabricate electronics for agriculture.
  • High-tech: Our box builds are created with OEM compatibility in mind to advance flexibility and enhance your systems.
  • Electrical: Our cabling, wiring harnesses, and other installs can be found in many industries.  From CNC machine tools to car washes, our expertise allows clients to work in fine electronics as well as heavy-duty electrical applications.
  • Renewable Energy: Hydroelectric, wind-power, and the next new innovations are all possible with our know-how and expertise.  We are there for innovators and creators who are ready to unlock the next level of energy development.
  • Telecom: If our era is known as the Information Age, RPC is there for one of the most vital systems of information delivery.  Telecommunications are key in how information is exchanged, and our engineers work to ensure optimal tolerances and reliability.

Local and sustainable

Colorado is an area rich in resources, not only beautiful scenery and a high quality of living, but also in the minds of its people.  Because of the industries that found a home in our state nearly eighty years ago, we have generations of people who have dedicated their lives to building a reputation for innovation in our field. 

RPC is the right choice for electronic manufacturing for whatever industry you are in.  We specialize in making plans become a reality, and taking your ideas to the next level.  Our goal is not to get things done once, but to create sustainable and repeatable projects to improve efficiency. With local service and fabrication, you have better turnaround times, communication lines, and an attention to detail that is second to none.  Working domestically, you can also ensure that you are contributing to the local economy and benefitting from what our talent and know-how bring to the table.

No job is too large or too small for our facilities.  You might be surprised at the cost savings and quality of materials and fabrication as well.  Contact RPC Manufacturing today for a free quote! Our expertise can help bring your business to a new level with effective processes and equipment.